Greg Schwerman
Razorback Base
I was just looking at the crew roster for the USS Sam Houston
SSN 609, and noticed that one of the young men that worked for
me was listed as being on Eternal Patrol.  I don’t know the
circumstance such as when, where or how, but it made me think
of our own base members that we lost this past year, and how
important it is to keep in touch with each other. In January we lost
William E. Butler EM2 SS, in February we lost two members
Charles R. Smith ETCS SS, and Sidney R.J. Logan EMC SS and
in March we also lost two members, Ralph Richard Bulmer EMCS
SS, and George F Wrightam ETCS SS. Here’s my point, everyone
has at least one or two old shipmates that you stayed in touch with
over the years but may have not spoken with for a while, so in
honor of the holidays, let’s make it a point to call send a letter or
even just send an email and catch up with old friends.
Well we had a great time at the Halloween party last Saturday
evening, and I really enjoyed all the unique and imaginative
costumes. Alan and Wanda Malone won the vote for the best
costumes, and we had more than enough good food to go around.
Don’t forget that Saturday November 11th is Veterans Day, and
the base along with AIMM will be hosting open tours aboard the
USS Razorback along with serving lunch to any veterans who
attend. I’m sure John will have more information posted soon, and
don’t forget to mark your calendars for the annual base Christmas
party Saturday 9 December at AIMM, as in past years we will be
having a potluck dinner with the usual festivities.

Happy Holidays everyone
Greg Schwerman