Upcoming Overnight Schedule
On the USS Razorback
Duties include Giving Tours of the boat
and interacting with your group giving them a submarine
exerience as you want.
You will also provide them a since of security knowing you
are there.
You will sleep in the Goat locker or on the XOs rack.

An AIMM Staff member will run the program and stay up all
night on the barge.
Contact Greg Zonner 501-307-5522
or E-mail
If you can stay one of the nights.
Overnights & Events

August-Septmeber 2017


Friday August 4
Overnight Boy Scout
Mathis Duty
Hiblong 1st
Gates 2nd
Sub Vet
Roger Lyle

Friday August 11
Overnight Boy Scout
Hiblong Duty
Miller for Gates 1st
Zonner 2nd
Sub Vet
Mark Taylor

Friday August 18
Overnight Cub Scout
Myna Duty (For Gates)
Zonner 1st
Hiblong for Miller 2nd
Sub Vet
Ray Wewers

Friday August 25
8 People (paying for 10)
Duty Zonner
1st Miller
2nd Mathis
Sub Vet
Paul Honeck


Friday September 8
Overnight Boy Scout
14 people
Mathis Duty
Hiblong 1st
Gates 2nd
Sub Vet

Saturday September 30
10 people
Birthday party
Zonner Duty,
1st Miller,
2nd Mathis.
Sub Vet
Paul Honeck

A Hiblong Duty, 1st Gates, 2nd Zonner.
Gates Duty, 1st Zonner, 2nd Miller.
Zonner Duty, 1st Miller,2nd Mathis.
Miller Duty, 1st Mathis,2nd Hiblong.
Mathis Duty, 1st A Hiblong,2nd Gates.