Application to Join USSVI
and the Razorback Base
Regular membership is restricted to U.S. Personnel who have been designated “QUALIFIED IN
SUBMARINES” by the U.S. Navy.
Anyone who is a regular member of the U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II is eligible for Regular
Membership in U.S. Submarine Veterans, Inc.  

Regular Members may become Life Members by paying the National Life Membership Fee established in the
National Life Members will pay no further National dues, but may be required to pay Base dues as per Base

An Associate Member is a person who is not eligible for regular membership but is closely associated with a
Regular Member.
Each Associate Member must be sponsored by a Regular Member in good standing.
Associate Members are eligible for Life Membership.
Associate Membership is reserved for persons not otherwise eligible for regular membership, but are related
to the Submarine Service by their deeds or actions. (All Associate Members must be at least sixteen (16)
years of age). This does not preclude any relative of a regular member in good standing from applying for
Associate Membership.

Each Regular Member may sponsor one other Associate Member not defined in paragraph “D” above.
Anyone who is presently serving, or has served, in a currently allied Navy, and is Qualified in Submarines,
may become an Associate Member, and does not require a sponsor. (C9/99)

Associate Members may not vote in the National elections and cannot hold National elected office.
Associate Members may vote on Base matters (if permitted by Base Bylaws and may hold elective Base
offices of Secretary and/or Treasurer (if permitted by Base Bylaws.) (C4/02)

In the event an Associate Member's sponsor can no longer sponsor the Associate Member (i.e. Transferred
or called to eternal patrol) the Base may assume sponsorship of the Associate Member.

A non-U.S. Citizen who becomes an Associate Member is not required to pledge loyalty to the United States
Government nor United States Constitution. (C3/00)
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