Razorback Base History
The ”USSVI Razorback" base was chartered in October
of 2000 through the combined efforts of many;
including Carl Schmidt, Bruce Lipe, Billy Hollaway, Ben
Schultz, Martin Hall and Wendell Dedmon. There are 47
Charter members of this Base plus several Associate
members including wifes of members.

The memberships have continued to grow over the last
four years and now is up to 122.

One of the purposes of the base is to recognize all past
and present Submariners, and to honor all Submariners
who have given their lives to preserve the peace for
those to follow. Another purpose of this base is to
provide a contact source for submariners residing
within the State of Arkansas, where they can share in
the camaraderie of their shipmates, share their
experiences aboard submarines and in the Navy.

The "Razorback” Submarine Base is a subsidiary of the
United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.(USSVI)

I have finally updated the Base History File. Yes, we
have one and a historian as well. I inherited the job from
Wendall Dedmon about 5 years ago. He started putting
the clippings and photographs together, but didn’t
finish. When I received the file, it languished in a box for
a while. I motivated myself to finish what Wendall
started. The result is in the AIMM/USSVI library. There
are 2 binders of photographs, newspaper clippings and
memorabilia. They start with the 1999 dedication of the
Snook Memorial at MacAuthor park and the USS
Razorback Base formation in 2000. There is another
binder of photographs. I tried to put everything in
chronological order. Any base member is welcome to
view the binders, but I ask that the material does not
leave AIMM. I also welcome any suggestions and

Joe Mathis, USS Razorback Base Historian.