USSVI Razorback Base
Amended February 2010

ARTICLE I                NAME

Section 1                The name of the Base shall be USS RAZORBACK Base of United States Submarine Veterans,
Incorporated, hereinafter referred to as USSVI.
Section 2                For the purpose of these Bylaws, the term “Base” shall be synonymous with “USS


Section 1                The official emblem of this base shall be the red field with twenty-five (25) white stars on a blue
background and the lettering, USSVI RAZORBACK BASE, dolphins and a caricature of the Razorback Whale.
Section 2                Use or resale of the official emblem by any person, persons or group shall be as authorized
and by permission obtained in writing from the Base Commander, Vice Commander and a quorum of base


Section 1                To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties
while serving their country.  That their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation
toward greater accomplishments.  Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States Constitution.
Section 2                Creed
The Statement of Purpose for the Base shall be also known as the Base Creed.


Section 1                The Base shall adopt no policy in conflict with the laws and practices of the United States
Constitution and USSVI Bylaws.
ARTICLE V                FISCAL YEAR

Section 1                The fiscal year of the Base shall commence on the first day of January and end on the thirty-
first day of December in each year.


Section 1                General
Membership may be afforded to all persons who were discharged under honorable conditions from the Armed
Forces of the United States of America.  All members shall be bound by these Bylaws, and the Constitution and
Bylaws of USSVI.  A member is considered “in good standing” if both National and Base dues have been paid for
the current year.  Members whose dues are in arrears on April 1st of the current year will have their continuous
membership in good standing terminated and will be dropped from all rosters.
Section 2                Regular Members
Regular membership is restricted to U. S. citizens who have been designated as “QUALIFIED IN SUBMARINES” by
the U. S. Navy.  Proof of submarine qualification and honorable service must be provided upon request.
Section 3                Charter Members
Charter members are those members who were original members of the base on October 28, 2000.
Section 4                Life Members
Holland Club members will be granted Life Membership in the USS RAZORBACK Base at no cost.
Section 5                Associate Members
An Associate member is one who is not eligible for Regular membership or one who is closely associated with a
Regular member.  Each Associate member must be sponsored by a Regular member in good standing.  Associate
membership is reserved for persons not otherwise eligible for Regular membership, but their deeds or actions are
related to the Submarine Service.  (All Associate members must be at least sixteen (16) years of age).  This does
not preclude any relative of a Regular member in good standing from applying for Associate membership.  Any
naturalized U. S. Citizen who is a “Qualified Submariner” of a currently Allied Navy may become an Associate
member, and does not require a sponsor.  Associate members may vote on all Base matters.  Associate members
may not hold elective office; however, they may hold any appointed office with concurrence by a quorum of the
general membership.  In the event an Associate member’s sponsor is unable to continue that support, e. g. leaves
area or called on Eternal Patrol, the Base may assume sponsorship of the Associate member.

Section 1                Annual Base dues will be set by the Executive Committee and approved by the general
membership, and payable to the Membership Chairman or his authorized representative.
Section 2                Dues are payable on or before December 31 of each year for the subsequent calendar year.
Section 3                The amount approved for annual base dues will be posted on the membership application and
on the Base website,

Section 1                The general procedure of meeting of this Base shall be in keeping with normal parliamentary
procedure set down in the current issue of “Robert’s Rules of Order”.


Section 1                The USS RAZORBACK Base shall conduct a minimum of six business meetings during the
fiscal year.  The Executive Board shall meet prior to each scheduled meeting as necessary to set the agenda for
the next meeting.
Section 2                The base will meet on the fourth Saturday of the month or at other times approved by the
Section 3                The membership present at the opening of a meeting will be considered a quorum.  Any
member who removes himself prior to adjournment will not be considered to remove the quorum.
Section 4                The order of business for the monthly meeting shall be:
A.  Tolling of the bell for lost boats followed by a moment of silence
B.  Invocation
C.  Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
D.  Call to order
E.  Reading and acceptance of the minutes of the previous monthly meeting
F.  Reading and acceptance of the Treasurer’s report
G.  Reading of correspondence received
H.  Reports of committees
I.  Unfinished business
J.  New business
K.  Announcement of the next meeting or activity
L.  Good of the Order
M.  Benediction
N.  Adjournment of meeting

ARTICLE X                OFFICERS

Section 1                Elected
Elected Base officers of the USS RAZORBACK Base will be, Base Commander and Vice Commander.  Elected
Base Officers must be a Regular or Life Member and in good standing for a minimum of twelve months.  The
positions of Treasurer and Yeoman may be held by the same individual.  Associate members may be appointed to
the office of Treasurer and Yeoman.  A nominee must be in attendance at the meeting when nominated for office.  
The term of office for all elected Base Officers will be two (2) years or until their successor has been elected or
appointed.  Should an elected Base Officer become unable to complete their normal term, the Base Commander
will appoint a successor with concurrence by the Executive Board for the remainder of the elected term.  The Base
Commander will be discouraged from accepting or pursuing the position of Regional Director or District
Commander without first stepping down from USS RAZORBACK Base Commander.  
Section 2                Appointed
Appointed officers shall consist of Treasurer, Base Yeoman, Storekeeper, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, and
Committee Chairmanships as necessary.  These officers will be appointed by the Base Commander and approved
by a quorum of the Base membership.
Section 3                Executive Board
A.  The Executive Board shall have the control and general management of the affairs and business of the
B.  The Executive Board will consist of all elected officers, former Base Commanders and all appointed positions
and others as appointed by the Base Commander.  All elected and appointed Executive Board members may give
input and vote on all Executive Board matters.
C.  The Base Commander shall notify all Executive Board members no less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to
any Executive Board meeting.  Three members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.  Once a quorum
has been established, it cannot be removed by a member.
D.  The Executive Board will take any action on all matters referred to them by the membership. All other actions
are to be considered a recommendation until the minutes are read and accepted at the next general membership
Section 3                Base Commander
The duties of the Base Commander shall include, but not be limited to:
A.  Act as the Chief Executive Officer
B.  Cause to call all regular and special meetings of the Base
C.  Preside over all regular and special meetings of the Base
D.  Enforce the National and Base Constitution and By-laws
E.  Direct and supervise the operation of the base
F.  Prepare and present an annual report to the membership
G.  Submit in writing to all officers for confirmation, all appointed officers and committee chairmanships
H.  Be responsible for the promulgation of all pertinent information to the membership of the Base
I.  Work up, keep current and pass on immediately to his relief, a “Turn Over” folder including all official
correspondence, records and official materials assigned to his care
J.  In the absence of the Base Treasurer, write checks for Base expenses
Section 4                Vice Commander
A.  In the absence of the Base Commander, shall preside at all meetings and perform such duties as are necessary
B.  Shall be responsible that only members in good standing and bona fide guests are admitted to all meetings
Section 5                Yeoman
A.  Shall keep minutes of all meetings and maintain files for reference.  Copies are to be forwarded to the Base
B.  Shall keep a file of all outgoing and incoming correspondence
C.  Sufficient funds will be provided to the Yeoman to carry out the responsibility of the office
D.  This officer may be either a Regular or Associate member
Section 6                Treasurer
A.  Shall be responsible for all funds and securities of the USS RAZORBACK Base and deposit such in the name of
B.  Shall read the monthly financial reports at the business and executive meetings and place copies on file with
the Base Commander.  The books shall be audited annually and prior to being relieved, by an auditing committee.
This committee will consist of three active members appointed by the Executive Board. The Executive Board may
require an additional audit as deemed necessary
Section 7                Chief of the Boat
The Chief of the Boat shall act as Master at Arms at all meetings.  He shall assist the Vice Commander as
necessary to ensure only members in good standing and bona fide guests are admitted to all meetings
Section 8                Chaplain
The Base Chaplain shall perform all duties in accordance with the USSVI Chaplain Manual


Section 1                Base Treasury funds may not be obligated for any purpose other than official Base matters
without concurrence of a quorum of the general membership
Section 2                Proof of expenditure for expenses must be provided by all elected officers or others designated
by the Executive Board
Section 3                All other expenses not covered by this article must be approved by the Executive Board


Section 1                There will be absolutely no soliciting, selling or bartering, etc. at any USS RAZORBACK Base
function unless the Executive Board considers such action to be beneficial to the Base.

Section 1                Any member may submit a change to these bylaws by a typewritten change to the Executive
Board for consideration and recommendation. The proposed change will be provided to the membership via Base
Website, Base Newsletter, e-mail and by letter to those members who do not have e-mail access. At the first
meeting following the above notification, the membership will then vote to accept or reject the change.