Ron Gorence
San Diego, CA
USS Razorback (SS 394)
Born and raised in Leadville, Colorado at the foot of Mt. Elbert, I first saw the
Pacific Ocean at age seventeen from the grinder at Boot Camp (RTC) in San
Diego. Then I saw the Atlantic while in Sub School, where I received orders
back to San Diego and the USS Razorback. There I learned to peel potatoes
by the gross and scrape paint by the fathom. On my 18th birthday, Razorback
left for a Kamchatka run, and learned I didn't need a shower more often than
once every 34 days but needed two or three before being allowed into a
Japanese bath house.

I grew up on Razorback, and fine-tuned my skills and expertise on Bashaw,
Swordfish, Tang, and Sabalo; I became one of the best non-GPS
Quartermaster-navigators in the Pacific, which, of course, became obsolete. I
pushed about 5 companies on two tours as Company Commander at the
now-obsolete RTC in S.D. and spent a great couple of years as CMAA on the
Canopus in Holy Loch, Scotland.

Mary Ann worked at the Boot Camp NEX on my second tour, nine years into
my career, and my recruits bet me I couldn't get a date with her.  In the past
44 years, we have raised 3 sons and a grandson (all of whom have learned a
lot about un-planned obsolescence from me), and my recruits still haven't
paid me a dime.

I retired from the Navy and then General Dynamics at age 55 when the USSR
folded, and have since made a reasonable living managing what money I'd
saved, until the playing rules became obsolete recently.

Agreeing with Dex Armstrong's point that Dolphins never expire, I finally found
a job immune to obsolescence: my USSVI (S.D. Base) Membership work.  
Pride Runs Deep, and always will!

Ron Gorence, after 50 yrs, still capable of wearing the same size (hat). On
the Peak in Hong Kong, BCC in 1957 and in the Viejas Reservation Casino