Eugen Haley
Margate, New Jersey
USS Razorback (SS 394)
Eugene J. Haley, Sr. - Holland Club Album Caption


He was no Senior when Gene Haley joined the Navy, in 1945 at age 16.  He
was all of 17 when he boarded the USS RAZORBACK, SS-394.  He served
under Capt. L.A. Lajaunie on Pacific patrols, including T’sing Tao, China and
Western Australia, until early 1948.  Thereafter Gene served another two
years in the Pacific aboard the USS BECUNA, SS-319.  Upon leaving the
Navy in 1950, Gene devoted most of his life to sailing with the U.S. Merchant
Marine.  The last 10 years of his career returned him to the Pacific, aboard
the tanker MV BRAVADO.  Owned by Sealift, Inc., the BRAVADO delivered jet
fuel for the Military Sealift Command in Japan.

Gene Haley grew up in Margate, New Jersey, and lives there again today,
next door to his childhood home.  It was his boyhood by the beach on a
barrier island that made him a sailor!  Gene is married to Dori Newman.  She
wrote a book about Gene’s youth called GROWING UP LUCKY.  He did.