Dean Hutchinson
Springdale, AR
USS Balao SS 285
USNR Retired
Well with a wink and a blink most of the fun of life is over. After high school
and no money for college I decided to join the navy on September 3, 1958.
After boot camp and EMA School in San Diego it was off to New London for
BESS, Basic Enlisted Submarine School. After BESS I was ready to go home
and get married and challenge my new adventure with subs. Well the navy's
plan was for me to spend 8 more weeks in New London for submarine
electrical school. Marriage came on July 17, 1959. I reported to the USS
Balao SS 285 five days later. All that knowledge and they handed me a paint
brush and a chipping hammer. After six week aboard I was put into the
electrical gang. They needed to provide the next mess cook, (ME). I
completed my quals in October of 1959. In November 1960 I was transferred
to the USS Mackeral SST-1. On August 31, 1962 I was sent home to become
a regular 8 to 5 American taxpayer. I decided to drill in the reserves for a
couple of years for extra money. After seventeen years in the reserves and
four active I retired as a EM1. The extra pension check and the insurance are
helpful these days. The skills and knowledge from the navy was instrumental
in my training by Southwestern Bell Telephone. After 30 years I retired in
1994 with nineteen years in management. In 1998 SBC asked if I would like
to come back and do training for them as a contracted training instructor.
Sounded like some more adventure to me. I have had my bags at the ready
for eleven years as a trainer. Life's been an adventurous trip.