Thomas S Salisbury
Malvern, AR
Archerfish (SS 311)
After graduation, 17-year-old Thomas S. Salisbury joined the US Navy in
August, 1957.  After Boot Camp in Bainbridge, MD and Submarine School in
New London, CT, Tom reported on board the USS Archerfish SS311 in Key
West, FL in 1958.  He qualified in 1959 and made the around the world cruise
with an all single crew on the USS Archerfish SS311.  He served on board
the USS Ronquil SS396, USS Permit SSN594, USS Dace SSN607, USS
Greenling SSN614, USS Volador SS490, USS Tullibee SSN597, and at the
Naval Submarine School, New London, CT in SSEP (Submarine Surveillance
Equipment Program).  He retired as a Chief Sonar Technician in April, 1977.