Donald L. Underwood
Deming, NM
USS Razorback SS-394
U.S. Navy Retired
Enlisted in the navy in 1954 at Fargo, ND;  received my basic training
at Great Lakes.  My first ship assignment was to the USS Taylor
DDE-468, Pineapple Fleet, Pearl Harbor, HI.  Operating with the 7th
Fleet and patrolling the Straits of Formosa at the end of the Korean

I volunteered for sub duty in 1956 at New London, CT; after sub
school I was ordered to the USS Razorback SS-394. Made a Special
Ops run in 1957 and earned my dolphins during that run.  

During the yard over-haul in 1960 I was 1/3 of the yard crew that was
drafted into the FBM boomer program and was sent to the
commissioning crew of the USS Patrick Henry SSBN-599 at EB at
Groton, CT.  After commissioning and the first FBM deterrent patrol
which ended in Holy Loch, Scotland. While on the Henry President
Eisenhower came aboard and I was given the honor of teaching him to
steer a sub in Providence RI harbor. I again was part of the crew that
was ordered to another new construction assignment.  I reported to
the USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN-610 at EB, Groton, CT. While on
the Edison I was privileged to meet a second U.S. President and
show president Kennedy how to use the periscopes.

Made seven deterrent Polaris patrols aboard the Edison before
getting my first shore duty assignment with a Reserve Training Center
at El Paso, TX. While waiting for Instuctor School I was recruited as
assistant navigator aboard USS Jallao, a school boat on the river out
of New London Sub Base. After shore duty I returned to the boats at
Pearl Harbor aboard the USS Grant SSBN 631.  While on the grant I
was up-graded to COB. When the Grant went into the yards in 1969 I
again went ashore NROTC Instructor at Iowa State University at
Ames IA.  

After ISU I was assigned to the USS Grayling SSN-646 at Charleston,
SC; this was my first fast attack class boat and was very different
duty then the boomers.  I retired off the Grayling in 1973 and returned
to North Dakota to college and a second career with North Dakota
State Parks & law enforcement officer.  I now live at Deming, NM with
my career partner, Mary, my wife of 50 + years.

Service Biography:
Home Town:   Elgin, North Dakota
Service Dates:   August 1954  -  August 1953
Duty Stations:
U.S. Naval  Recruit Training Center {Great Lakes, IL/ Enlisted - 1954}  
USS Taylor DDE - 468  {Pearl Harbor TH - 1954}  
Sub School {New London, CT - 1956}  
USS Razorback SS-394 {San Diego, CA / Qual Boat 1957}  
USS Patrick Henry SSBN-599 {EB /Groton, CT / Commissioning Crew
- 1959}  
USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN-610 {EB / Groton, CT / Commissioning
Crew - 1961}  
USS Jallao SS-368 {River School Boat, New London, CT - 1964}  
USNRTC {El Paso, TX - 1965}   
USS Ulysses S. Grant SSBN-631/COB {Sub Base, Pearl Harbor, HI -
NROTC { Iowa State University, Ames, IA - 1969}  
USS Grayling SSN-646 {Naval Station, Charleston, SC - 1972}
U.S. Naval Fleet Reserve {Retired - 1973}