Mark Taylor
I enlisted in the Navy July 12 1983. Following boot camp and MM “A” school training at
Great Lakes, IL, I reported to Naval Nuclear Power School at Orlando FL. During that 26
week course I was promoted to MM2 and graduated with the class of 8404. I completed
training at Nuclear Power Training Unit S1W Idaho Falls as Mechanical Operator and
Engineering Laboratory Technician.

I reported aboard USS Baltimore SSN-704 on August 26 1985 at Holy Loch Scotland
while she was in upkeep on a North Atlantic deployment. I qualified and had my dolphins
pinned on July 4, 1986. I served 2 North Atlantic deployments and 2 Med deployments as
well as numerous other emergent operations, exercises, drydock periods, upkeeps, etc.
while onboard.

I stood engineering watches underway and in port, and eventually was designated
Leading ELT, in charge of Reactor Laboratory Division, while still at the rank of MM2,
responsible for all reactor plant and steam plant chemistry control, and radiological
controls. On my first Operational Reactor Safeguards Exam (ORSE) the
chemistry/radiological controls area was  scored as “excellent”  by the Atlantic Fleet
Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board.

I was promoted to MM1 and qualified Engineering Watch Supervisor underway and
Engineering Duty Petty Officer in port, the senior enlisted engineering watch positions. I
was the only E-6 in this position, the rest all lived in the “goat locker”. I earned the
supervisory NEC 3366 one year early thru a time requirement waiver from Chief of Naval
Personnel. I worked directly with the Engineer officer and the IMA coordinating
engineering drills and critical upkeep maintenance scheduling, and seemed to always get
assigned to the critical emergency repair projects.

I was honorably discharged on July 12 1989, Leaving the ship at the same place I first
boarded her, in Holy Loch.

I currently run a commercial construction specialty business, and reside in North Little
Rock. I have one daughter, Autumn, who is an ultrasound technician and resides in west
Little Rock with her husband.