Myna's Page
USSVI Razorback Base Meeting
May 18, 2019
Lake Dardanelle State Park

Gathered at 1200HR. 14attended.
David Boyer led the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation.
Lunch was served.
Meeting called to order at 1235HR.
David Boyer read the Creed.
David Boyer and Joe Mathis did the tolling of the Lost Boats followed by a moment of silence.
Last minutes read and motion to accept carried.
Treasury report read and motion to accept carried.

Old Business:
June 29 is the Travelers Game. Head count needed. Contact Paul Honeck.
October 26 is blocked at AIMM for the Halloween party.
December 7 is blocked at AIMM for the Christmas party.

New Business:
Bob Christians made a motion that to encourage new membership, the Base will pay the first-year
membership for Submarine Veterans. Flyers will be handed out along with a membership form, a copy
of the newsletter and an American Submariner Magazine if made available. Motion carried.
There was an open discussion about possibly having a Membership Drive at AIMM in July and cooking
hamburgers and hotdogs.  Dates available from AIMM will be submitted at the baseball game in June.
Motion to adjourn carried at 1306HR.

Thank you, Greg and Barbara Schwerman, for putting the camp out together and to those that attended.

Respectfully submitted,
Myna Miller
Razorback Base Yeomen